The Book Junkie

I read this because I received a free e-book of "Spells," the sequel to "Wings." I started "Spells" and thought it was lousy, but when I found out that it was a sequel, I decided to try the original out to see if that improved things.

It turns out that "Wings" was a fun read. The story is about a girl named Laurel, who discovers that she's a faerie. In this fairytale spin, faeries aren't magical human-type creatures, they're actually plants. So while Laurel looks exactly like her peers in high school--albeit more perfect--she's actually a flower. She doesn't have organs or blood; she has sap. She also--much to her chagrin--sprouts a flower from her back, which clues her in to the fact that she's not quite normal. When she visits her family's old home, she meets a fellow faerie, Tamini, who explains that she's not weird. She's just not human.

In addition to adjusting to a new school, making new friends, and learning that she's a faerie, Laurel has to face the evil trolls who want to invade and take over Avalon and gain power over the faeries and humans. 

"Wings" is YA/teen fiction. I enjoyed reading it, and I think I'll enjoy "Spells" much more now that I know the characters. This is actually just the sort of thing that I like to find for my escape reading, so I'm glad that I got the chance to read this.

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