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When I started reading Aprilynne Pike’s Spells, my first reaction was, “this is terrible!” and I gave up after a few pages. Then I found out that it was the sequel to Wings, and I decided to try that one just to see if it made Spells any better. Well, it definitely did! I highly recommend NOT reading Spells until you’ve read WingsSpells picks up in the middle of the story, so it really doesn’t make sense without the background of having read Wings.

Spells continues the story of Laurel, a teen who discovers that not only is she a flower—not a human, but a fairy—but that evil trolls are out to get her and take over the world and she has to help stop them. The book starts out with Laurel traveling to Avalon (the fairy realm) to relearn the fairy skills she lost during her life as a human. After so many years living as a human (and believing she was one), Laurel doesn’t fit in well with the other fairies. She’s used to a completely different social structure and has trouble adjusting to fairy life. Fortunately, she only has to survive the summer in Avalon, and after her eight weeks of relearning are up, she gets to return to the human world and her human friends. But all is not as well as she thought; there are still trolls stalking her and trying to access Avalon. There’s also a new factor for Laurel, a new potential ally named Klea Wilson, who is hunting the trolls and wants to help protect Laurel and her friends. The problem is that Laurel doesn’t know anything about this mysterious woman, and doesn’t think she can trust Klea.

In the mean time, around the tight schedule of learning to be a fairy, fighting trolls, and high school, Laurel’s relationship with her human boyfriend David is getting more intense. They love each other, but Laurel is uncertain of her future and doesn’t want to endanger David. To complicate things even more, Laurel’s fairy love interest, Tamani, is still in the mix. Laurel has to choose, but she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

The book ends on a minor cliffhanger, leaving us waiting for the next installment (there are supposed to be four books in the series).

Overall, I enjoyed Spells once I had read Wings. It’s not beautifully written or completely original plot-wise (it feels like a mix of Harry Potter, Twilight, and a fairy tale), but it is an interesting twist on the fairy tale archetype, and it was fun to read. I wouldn’t go into it looking for an enriching or enlightening piece of literature, but if you’re looking for a fun piece of fluffy escape reading, this is a great option.

Again, though, don’t bother with Spells until you’ve read Wings. This is a YA romance/adventure/fairy tale. 

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