The Book Junkie

This is a sweet story about two elementary school Sunday School kids who have an enormous adventure. When Will and Molly go to the church basement to fetch a prop for the Sunday school play, they travel to a whole different world--the world of Noah and the flood! The story revolves around their helping Noah and his family recover some animals who are late getting to the ark. It's starting to rain, and they have to face down some scary dangers in their quest. By facing their fears, the two discover their innate strengths and how to lean in each other. In the end, they travel back to their familiar world with new confidence and a new understanding of God's Word. Following the advice of Angie (the angel who directed them to start the quest), Will and Molly discover that God has good ideas for them!

I really enjoyed this story. It's well written, and it brings the story of Noah's Ark to new life. The Secrets of the Catacombs is worth the read. Younger children in particular will find it engaging. It's the perfect length for the intended age group, and the author, who has young children herself, clearly understands how to connect with her audience and bring the story to life so they'll grasp and enjoy it.

I recommend this if you have children and want to share a Bible story or if you want to revisit the story yourself. The Secrets of the Catacombs is the first in a series.

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