The Book Junkie

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own. 

-William Hazlitt

         I am the Book Junkie. My name is Kate. I live in NoVA and I read a lot. Since I like reading and I like writing and I have lots of opinions, I decided to create this site. 

         I have a Masters degree in Linguistics and a Bachelors degree in English, and I love getting caught up in the language of a beautifully written story, as well as the plot and characters. I have many favorite authors and favorite books. The book that got me hooked on reading is Dr. Seuss's Bartholomew and the Ooblek. I still love Dr. Seuss. 

         I get my ideas for what to read next from many sources; I watch my favorite authors' websites for new releases, I monitor best seller lists, I frequent public library sites for their suggestions and lists, I use Amazon recommendation lists, GNOD suggestions, friends' suggestions, and I pick up books that look interesting in the library. I also subscribe to a number of newsletters that detail new & upcoming books as well as overlooked gems. When the National Book Awards, the Man Booker Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Prize, etc. come out, I check those out for books that look interesting. I have info on many of these sources on the Book Resources page.

Some of my favorite pages:

Book Blog

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